Barron County, Wisconsin Men Who Gave Their Live For Liberty In WWIIA portion of the information below was obtained from the Barron County Shield and provided by Mrs. Chip Friday of Clayton, Wisconsin. The Barron County Sheild information was officially published beginning Memorial Day, 1945.  Since WWII, updating of the list continued until September, 1945. Additional names of men who were Killed in Action (KIA) during WWII, since the publication stopped, were added by the writer. Additional names were added from the Service Record, World War II, Clear Lake and Vicinity book sponsored by the Wiley Davis Post No. 108, American Legion, printed some time after WWII.

Unofficially 93 men  from Barron County gave their lives in WWII. There are others not known to this writer. Look over the list and  please e-mail any additions to Doug Cahow

U. S. Census  in 1940 for  Barron County Population was about 34,000 people.   Using that number of people and counting the WWII casualties which numbered about 100 men KIAs for Barron County, the ratio of casualties is 1 KIA for every 340 people counted in Barron County for WWII.  This writer doesn’t have comparable figures for other Wisconsin Counties…but it may be safely said, “Barron County Veterans did their duty!”

The approximate number of veterans KIA from each community are:

Almena (6), Angus (1), Arland (1), Barron (8), Barronette (3), Birchwood (1), Brill (1), Cameron (4), Canton (2), Chetek (6), Clayton (4), Clear Lake (2), Comstock (3), Cumberland (7), Dallas (2), Haugen (2), Mikana (1), Prairie Farm (4), Reeve (8), Rice Lake (28), & Turtle Lake (5).

The following is a list of the names, date of death, and where the veteran was killed.   Some names may have more than one town ascribed to their home because often the post office address given  was not near the home or settlement of the Veteran.

Last Name First Name Rank Address Date of Death Cause of Death
Amundson Maurice R.  Capt. Cameron July 27, 1944.  KIA -Guam
Avery Walter W.  T-Sgt. Cumberland.  July 29, 1944   Unknown-Italy
Bailkey Harold M.  G.M 3-c. Rice Lake  Feb. 20, 1943.  KIA with the sinking of the USS Oswego.
Bakke Martin J. Cpl.  Rice lake.   August 9, 1944.  KIA-Somewhere in France
Baland  Helmer O.  Lt.  Rice Lake  February 6, 1945 KIA while fighting in Western Germany.
Bents Paul W.  Comstock Late in 1944 Was wounded and died soon after.
Berg  Alvin M.  Pvt.  Cumberland  April 27, 1945 KIA in the Philippines.
Berglund  Ernest L.  Comstock December 23, 1943 Died of an airplane crash at Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
Blanchard  Harry  Cpl.  Chetek July 28, 1944  Died  of illness on in Florida.
Bossany  Steven  Tech. 5  Chetek  June 16, 1944. KIA on Biak Island in the Pacific.
Bowers  Percy  Tech  4  Chetek  August 6th, 1944. KIA somewhere in France. 
Braml John J  Pfc.  Almena  October 6th, 1944  KIA somewhere in The Netherlands.
Brendemihl Kenneth A.  Cpl.  Rice Lake  March 4, 1945 Accidentally killed while on duty in the Corozal Zone of British Honduras.
Broadbent  Robert George SN1 Barron December 19, 1943 An accident in the South Pacific. (An only child.)
Broker Earl  Pfc.  Almena  October 15, 1943 KIA somewhere in Italy on.
Cahow Robert T. PFC  Reeve/Clear Lake Reported MIA December 13, 1944 KIA Huertgen Forest, Germany.  Body recovered May 27, 2001.
Cook  Clifford  Pfc.  Rice Lake  December 29, 1943 KIA somewhere in New Guinea.
Davis  Thomas C.  Flt. Officer  Rice Lake  March 25, 1945 KIA while fighting the Nazis in Germany.
Denham  Harold  Cpl.  Cumberland  March 23, 1945  KIA somewhere in Western Germany.
DeNucci  Leonard N.  1st Lt.  Cumberland  January 18, 1945  KIA while fighting along the Belgium-German Border.
Dodge Raymond E Unknown Clear Lake June 25, 1943 KIA mission over Germany.
Effertz  Lawrence J  T-4  Cumberland  September 21, 1944 Died of injuries from an accident  somewhere in France.
Fall  Elecksey  Pfc. Reeve/Clayton  July 25th, 1944 KIA near the Normandy peninsula in France.
Farris Marvin L.  Pfc.  Barron  December 14, 1943 KIA somewhere on Bougainville Island in the South Pacific.
Fleet  John W.  Pfc.  Barron July 20th, 1944 KIA near the Normandy Peninsula in France.
Frasier  Donald E.  S-Sgt.  Rice Lake  March 22, 1944 Killed in an airplane crash on in the South Pacific.
Frasier  Harold L.  Cpl.  Rice Lake  April 3, 1945 Lost his life in Assam, India.
Friday  Ralph  Sgt.  Clayton/Barron  June 16, 1944 KIA on Biak Island in the South Pacific.
Ganske Jr.  Charles  Pvt.  Unknown June 16, 1943 Died in a Japanese POW Camp.
Garner  Paul C.  Capt. Dallas  October 30, 1943. Died of an unknown illness at Battle Creek Michigan
Gregersen Norman T Sgt Unknown December 20, 1944 Plane crash near Bari, Italy.
Hanson  DeWayne C.  S-Sgt.  Turtle Lake  January 20, 1944 KIA in Western Germany.
Hardy  William  Sgt.  Turtle Lake July 4th, 1944 KIA on somewhere in Italy.
Helland  George F.  S-Sgt Barron  July 30th, 1944 KIA somewhere in England.
Heller  Basil J. Pvt.  Turtle Lake  October 30, 1944 KIA somewhere in eastern The Netherlands.
Heller  Vincent H.  S-Sgt.  Turtle Lake  May 29th, 1944 KIA somewhere in Austria.
Herman  Frederick E.  Pvt.  Rice Lake  February 3, 1945 KIA while fighting along the Western Border of Germany.
Hirt  Gerald A.  Cpl.  Barron  November 20th, 1943 KIA on Tarawa Island in the South Pacific
Hogan  Edward E.  Pfc.   Rice Lake  November 2nd, 1944 KIA  in The Netherlands.
Hyllestad  Harvey E.  Pfc.   Rice Lake  August 1st, 1944 KIA near the Normandy Peninsula in France.
Irish  Guy C.  Cpl.  Barron  February 20, 1945 KIA on Iwo Jima, Pacific Ocean.
Johnson  Allen  E.  Pfc.   Rice Lake  September 8th, 1944 KIA somewhere in Northern France.
Johnson  Helmer C.  T-Sgt.  Chetek  February 19, 1945 KIA while fighting in Western Germany.
Johnson  Louis M. SN1 Clear Lake October 27, 1944 KIA in South Pacific
Johnson  Walter E.  Pfc.   Canton  October 20th, 1944 KIA somewhere in Western Germany.
Kahl  Lorne G.  Sgt.   Prairie Farm  July 28th, 1944 KIA somewhere near the Normandy Peninsula  in France.
Katherine Fred  Pfc Prairie Farm  September 15, 1944 KIA in Northern France.
Kelly  Donald  S-Sgt.   Rice Lake November 14, 1944 Died of an illness in Belgium.
Kinn  Eldon H.  Sgt.   Brill  February 28, 1943 Died in a bomber air plane crash in Florida.
Klawitter Henry A S-Sgt Deer Park August 17, 1944 KIA near Fromentel, France.
Knudson  Chester L.  T-5  Reeve/Prairie Farm February 26, 1945 KIA while engaged in combat in Western Germany.
Knutson  Harold S. Pvt. Rice Lake September, 1942 KIA in the Solomon Islands of the South Pacific.
Knutson  Lester  Lt.  Mikana  February 14, 1945 KIA on while fighting in France.
Konop Robert M Sgt. Haugen  January 12, 1943 Died of wounds received on New Guinea.
Kringle  Glenn J.  T-5  Birchwood  February 2, 1945 KIA while fighting along the Belgium-German Border.
Kringle  Robert P.  2nd Lt   Angus  November 26, 1943 Died of an illness at Temple, Texas.
Kuchera Charles H Sgt Rice Lake May 15, 1944 KIA somewhere in Italy.
Lair Kenneth E. Pfc. Barronette July 8, 1944 KIA on the Island of Saipan.
Larson Donald L. Pfc. Reeve/Clayton July 11, 1944  KIA on the island of Saipan.
Larson  Lawrence H.  Cpl.  Cameron December 27, 1944 Died of wounds on as a result of wounds received in Belgium.
Lee Arnold G. Cpl.  Rice Lake November 7, 1944  KIA somewhere in Western Germany.
Lindberg  Hjlamer O.  Pfc.  Turtle Lake January 20, 1945 KIA while fighting in Western Germany.
Ludke  Arnold A. Pvt.  Almena October 22, 1944 KIA  on Leyte Island of the Philippines.
Luell  Thomas L Lt. Rice Lake October 7, 1944  KIA somewhere in Western Germany.
Markuson Clifford O 1st Lt Clear Lake March 25, 1945 Air crash on 34th Mission near Cambridge, England.
Marsh  Lester  Sgt. Cameron  December 12, 1943 KIA somewhere on the Island of New Guinea.
Martin  Philip A.  Pfc.  Comstock  October 8, 1944 Died of wounds somewhere in Italy.
Moore  Everette C.  Pfc.  Cameron  October 3, 1944 KIA somewhere in France.
Nelson   Arden  S Sgt. Reeve/Clear Lake April 7, 1945 KIA along the French-German border.
Norberg Bennie T-4  Prairie Farm January 15, 1945 KIA in Belgium near the Siegfreid Line of Western Germany.
Norelius  Vernon A.  Sgt.  Rice Lake  April 3, 1945 KIA on somewhere in Germany.
Oney  George A.  Sgt.  Reeve/Clear Lake  July 10, 1944 Was mortally wounded near Normandy France and died 7 days later in England. Sgt Oney had previously been wounded in North Africa in 1943.
Parks  Henry F.  YM1  Rice Lake September 26, 1944 Was killed when his ship sank  near Salerno, Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.
Parks  Philip D.  Pvt.  Dallas February 7, 1944 Died of wounds somewhere in Italy.
Pittman   Robert  SN Reeve/Clear Lake  February 18, 1943 Killed in Austrailia.  Buried in U.S. Cemetery, Rockwood, Sydney, New South Wales, Austraila. Reintered June 16, 1948, Ft. Snelling, National Cemetery, MN.
Rachleda Edward J  RM3 Canton December 12, 1944 Killed in action somewhere in China.
Rhodes  Eugene E.  Pfc.  Barron  August 6, 1944 KIA while engaged in hostile action somewhere on the island of New Guinea.
Roux  Orville A.  Pfc.  Rice Lake May 29, 1944 KIA somewhere in Italy.
Saunter  Raymond H.  Pfc.  Almena  September 16, 1944 KIA somewhere in Western Germany.
Schermer  Vernon E.  2nd Lt  Rice Lake  December 15, 1944 Cause of death and where he died are unknown.
Schneider  Daniel A. Ensign  Rice Lake November 13, 1944 KIA on somewhere in the Bay of Biscay-Atlantic Ocean.
Scott Joseph N. SN Clear Lake Circa 1942 Pacific Theatre
Selvig Herman E. Sgt.  Barron February 13, 1943 KIA in the South Pacific Ocean.
Sinclair  Everette T.  Unknown Rice Lake 1944 (month unknown) KIA somewhere in Italy. 
Skinner  Marshall C.  Pvt.  Cumberland  July 22, 1944 Died of wounds from action in Europe.
Snobl  Joseph  Pfc.  Rice Lake  February 8, 1945 KIA on Luzon Island of the Philippines.
Solberg  Roy G.  Pfc.  Clayton May 28, 1944 KIA while fighting in Italy.
Speetzen  Gerald A.  Cadet  Rice Lake September 8, 1944 Died as a result of an airplane crash in Tucson, Arizona.
Swensen  Paul E.  Pfc.  Chetek  April 1, 1945 KIA somewhere in Germany.
Unknown Raymond R.  Haugen  December 10, 1944 Died in an airplane crash on near Pratt, Kansas.
Vilz  John  S 1-c  Arland   February 2, 1944 Was killed in an airplane crash in Jacksonville, Florida.
Waldal  Fritz M.  Cpl. Chetek  December 17, 1944 Died in an airplane crash near Fort Worth, Texas.
Wallace  Lloyd M.  Pvt.  Barronette  August 3, 1944 KIA in North Western France.
Webb  William L.  Lt.  Barronette  March 9, 1944 KIA or died of wounds somewhere in England.
Weber  Ernest J.  Sgt.  Rice Lake  November 25, 1944 KIA while fighting in the battle of Leyte, Philippines
Whitley  Howard H.  1st Lt  Rice Lake  December 5, 1944 Died of wounds while fighting in the battle of  Leyte, Phillippines.
Zappa  George J.  Pfc  Cumberland  August 7, 1944 KIA somewhere in Northwestern France.
Zielke  Samuel G.  GM2  Almena  April 12, 1944 Died of wounds or drowning from a sinking ship in the Tyrrhenian (Mediterranean) Sea.
Zitzelberg  Maurice F.  S-Sgt  Almena  May 12, 1943 KIA in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska.